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Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner 250ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner 250ml

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You need Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening and Recovery Conditioner for the fastest and best recovery from heat and chemical burns. This conditioner first strengthens and repairs damaged hair, allowing it to heal more quickly from burns and other stressors. With Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner, you can style after vigorously conditioning your hair and have it protected against further damage.

This conditioner strengthens and repairs stressed hair while protecting it from damage. It provides deep conditioning for wet hair while detangling it with ease. A conditioning treatment transforms dull, dry hair into silky hair that gleams. Conditioner from Sebastian Penetraitt is designed to moisturize, repair, and shine stressed, dull hair.

Deeply moisturizes hair to prevent damage from stressed and weakened hair. This product hydrates and detangles damaged, dull, stressed hair and helps restore strength to weak hair. Color-treated hair can also have its radiance and richness significantly elevated, leaving them soft to the touch.

This conditioner helps ensure that stressed hair remains strong and healthy when it is wet and most vulnerable. Detangles hair effortlessly while deep conditioning it, giving it a shiny and soft appearance.


A major step in restoring and restoring damaged hair is Sebastian Professional FOUNDATION's Penetraitt Conditioner.
A protective barrier and a deeply penetrating moisturizer for refueling the skin and smoothing the cuticle.
It provides revitalized, strong, and soft results thanks to its rich concoction with color-safe Active Rescue System.
Take steps to protect stressed and vulnerable hair.
Penetraitt Conditioner pampers the hair even further while deeply moisturizing it, leaving it silky and soft.
Your hair is strengthened and beautifully conditioned.
A Penetraitt conditioner is recommended for adding radiance and richness to color-treated hair, as well as deep conditioning and detangling.


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