Wella Freelights Powder 400g
Wella Freelights Powder 400g

Wella Freelights Powder 400g

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42721    WEL6006              Blondor Freelights Powder 400g "Wella is in the hair care industry for more than a century. It knows very well how to cater to the changing haircare needs in modern times. Wella Blondor Freelights Powder is another unique product from Wella formulated keeping in mind the present hair care and styling needs. Freelights powder comes with the Freelights range, and it works in combination with free lights developer. These innovative products let you experience the ultimate precision and accuracy to modify your colored hair as per your choice.


This freelights powder is used with free lights developer. This blondor free light range comes in three different strengths- 6%, 9%, 12%, and used to lighten the natural hair or pre-colored hair. Sometimes, you are not satisfied with your natural hair color or even the colored hair. If they look too dark to you, these blondor free lights range from Wella comes to your rescue. It is known to give you up to 7 levels of hair lightening.




  1. Gives desired hair lightening.
  2. Works perfectly for natural or pre-colored hair.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Long-lasting results.


Directions of use:


  1. Mix free lights powder and developer as per the instructions given.
  2. Always apply on dry hair.
  3. Apply in the sweeping motion.
  4. Apply on the strand surface area.
  5. Do not cover hair strands in a mixture.
  6. Check hair after 8-10 minutes during the process.
  7. The development time depends upon your choice of lighting.
  8. After development, rinse with lukewarm water.


Wella products are used and recommended by salons worldwide. This Freelights powder looks like a salon service at your home. If you are busy to attend the parlor or want to save some money, use this blondor free lights powder in combination with free lights developer. If you want to be a little innovative, you can use this free lights combo for highlighting your hair as well.


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