Joico 1000ml Pump X 2 - Salon Warehouse
Joico 1000ml Pump X 2 - Salon Warehouse

Joico 1000ml Pump X 2


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JoicoThis Joico Shampoo & Conditioner Pump 1000ml is designed to dispense just the right amount of cleansing and conditioning products for your hair. If you're a fan of Joico, you'll appreciate these pumps. The product is cruelty-free. This is a fantastic pump from Joico for pumping out sloped bottles of 1000 ml with shampoo and conditioner. With such large bottles of product, it becomes difficult to control the amount of product dispensed in the bath, but this pump makes dispensing the proper amount of product a simple process.

With these high-output lotion pumps, you can typically deliver 4cc of product per application. As a result of its unique design, this is the perfect product to use in the shower. The Joico pump has been used in the hair care, personal care, pet care, and home care industries. In addition to shampoos, hair conditioners, and body washes. This liter pump dispenser has a smooth collar and is made of heavy-duty plastic, providing a robust construction that will last for a very long time.

A non-slip top groove along the top of this pump dispenser ensures an ergonomic and practical pressing experience.
Provides a great deal of functionality, including lock-down features ideal for liquid soaps, lotions, shampoo and conditioners, oils and other high compatibility formulas
Its compact lock-down feature prevents leaks and spills while providing a clean, sleek look in your shower.
After using, turn the pump 180° anticlockwise to secure storage.

How To Use:

Pump the bottle with the pump. Firmly attach the bottle to the pump. Twist the spout counter-clockwise until it opens when the cap is on the neck of the bottle.