Black Carbon Fibre Tail Comb
Black Carbon Fibre Tail Comb

Black Carbon Fibre Tail Comb

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All hair types can be groomed and sectioned with this styling comb. This is a highly durable product. For longer-lasting results, section hair to achieve longer-lasting straightening and blow-drying results. There are two parts to the Black Tail Comb: a carbon fiber teasing comb and a stainless steel pintail. You can use it in everyday life and meet your replacement needs.

A stainless-steel pintail design allows the teasing comb to be used to part, backcomb, post style, and color hair. It is heat-resistant and flexible, so it will never snap or break under normal usage and make dull hair more lustrous and shiny. This rat tail hair comb is convenient for teasing hair and can be used for salon, barber, and cosmetic supply kits. These combs are lightweight, heat-resistant, virtually unbreakable, and anti-static. This teasing comb won't break under normal usage, adding luster and shine to dull hair; It has alternate-length serrated teeth, ideal for teasing hair, suitable for salons, barbershops, and cosmetic supply kits. A routine gives dull hair a brilliant shine and luster; Hair is smooth and silky soft; Hair and scalp are healthier as a result.


The stainless-steel pintail is long and thin, making it easy to style, part, backcomb, post style, and color your hair. It's made of stainless steel handle, and carbon teethed part; These metal rat tail combs can be used to part, backcomb, post style, and color hair. They come with gaps of duckbill hair clips that can be used to create hair bows.
An easy-to-hold stainless steel handle allows for convenient application. A fine-toothed weaving comb and a stainless steel pintail, plus a premium package, are featured on this weaving comb.
The comb works well on curly and straight hair, both wavy and straight. It is durable, virtually unbreakable, anti-static, lightweight, and made of premium materials.
Both men and women can use this nice fine-tooth comb. It leaves hair smooth and allows for precise trimming.