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Wooden Neck Brush - Salon Warehouse

Wooden Neck Brush

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This product is made of high-grade, environmentally friendly materials. Hairstylists and barbers will love it. When you have just had a haircut, you can easily and quickly remove hair from your neck with it. There is nothing more comfortable than soft brush hair. It is great for brushing hair around the ear and neckline after a haircut. Wood and premium fiber make up the barber neck duster. The product is lightweight. The neck brush may shed hair during the first use. It is important not to pull on the bristles, as they may fall out.

It features an easy-to-use stand-up base, making it perfect for salons and barber shops. Easy to dust around the ears and neckline as the hairs are long and bushy.

A Neck Duster will take care of all dust and hair left on your neck or shoulders after you've gotten a haircut - It will remove all dust and hair very gently. You can use this brush to dust your ears and neck.
A nylon brush with soft, thick hair that is super comfortable and is easy to clean without irritating. Wooden handle, comfortable to hold and durable to use. A practical and exquisite metal ring.
With our premium neck duster, you won't have trouble reaching every nook and cranny for ultimate cleaning. Our brush is made to last longer than traditional neck hair brushes because it is lightweight and strong. Because of its unique design, you can use it as a makeup desk, and it is easy to store.
Hair is not retained by the cleaner, which is eco-friendly. It can be cleaned by soaking it briefly under water. A must-have in every barbershop, this duster is great for shaving and haircutting.
It gives you the feeling of soft hair touch—an essential accessory for any barber or hairstylist.