Wella Color Touch 1.9% 1000ml
Wella Color Touch 1.9% 1000ml

Wella Color Touch 1.9% 1000ml

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Hair color has become a need as well as fashion during modern times. Back in the day, only people with grey hair used to dye their hair. But nowadays, hair color is done both to cover grey hair and style your hair. Wella has served the customers with its quality products for more than a hundred years and is still functioning. Wella color touch 1.9% provided you a proper grey hair coverage. Color touch is another product from Wella, But this product is color touch plus, it is more effective. It provided good coverage to your stubborn grey hairs. Some people are not ready to dye their hair with permanent hair color. This Color touch plus is ideal for those people.

It is neither permanent nor temporary hair color, and you can call it demi-permanent dye. It is for the people who want to keep their hair color natural and subtle. You will get up to 70% grey hair. It is a low maintenance hair color as you do not need to rush to the parlor every time you see new root growth.


1. Low maintenance
2. Up to 70% of grey hair coverage.
3. Lasts up to 24 shampoos.
4. Vibrant hair color.
5. Shiny and smooth hair.

Directions for use:

1. You have to mix with color touch emulsion 1.9%.
2. Always mix cream and emulsion in the ratio of 1 and 2, respectively.
3. Apply to well cleansed, towel-dried hair.
4. Make sure to apply evenly on the roots.
5. Development times vary according to your choice and if any treatment is taken before hair color.
6. Typically, development time varies from 15 to 25 minutes.

Wella products are one of the favorite hair care products of salons around the globe. This color touch plus product from Wella would be a valuable addition to your hair care and styling. It is like a salon always ate your service when needed.