Wella Eimi Perfect Setting 150ml TRIO
Wella Eimi Perfect Setting 150ml TRIO

Wella Eimi Perfect Setting 150ml TRIO

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Nowadays, people do not style their hair just for special occurrences. Thus, they need hair products for comfortable hair styling. Wella Eimi perfect setting is a light setting spray formulated by Wella for hair styling. It helps to get an inventive hairstyle with wonderful shine, and it is ideal for daily use and blow-drying.

The eimi range of Wella focuses on modern hairstyling needs, and it helps you to unleash your unique hairstyle with confidence. The looks created by these Wella products suit everyone. They work splendidly for each hair type and hair volume, and they not only help to style your hair but also give volume to it. They make your hair look amazing without burdening the hair texture. It is hard to find a balance of hold, styling, and other parameters, but Wella products from the eimi range are sufficient.


1. Memorizing polymer complex
2. Helps to style hair and gives the ideal look
3. Protects the hair from humidity
4. Has a hold level of 2 and gives the hair the required volume

Directions of use:

1. Use it on damp hair by spraying it evenly
2. Blow-dry the hair in sections

Wella has been in co-operation with clients for nearly a quarter of a century, and they know how to formulate and design hair products without changing hair care and styling needs. Experience premium hairstyling with the products from Wella. You can use it daily to improve your overall hair health.


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