Wella Elements Renew Mask 150ml
Wella Elements Renew Mask 150ml

Wella Elements Renew Mask 150ml

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Wella Professionals have introduced their "free of" hair care system range that instantly and effectively repairs the damaged hair and prevents keratin degeneration.

Thanks to the NuTREE complex enriched by the natural tree extracts, this Wella renewing hair mask instantly repairs the damages done to your hair and helps you achieve the natural shine back. This element renew mask is paraben-free. Its excellent formula profoundly restores the natural inner hair structure and moisturizes each hair providing it strength and renewing the hair's vitality. It's a lightweight paraben-free hair mask that helps preserve the client's hair's natural inner strength and structure.

It is free from parabens, sulfates, and other artificial colorants. The consistency of the mask cream is lightweight and has a creamy texture with a gentle chemical-free formula which results in easy and hassle-free application and will make your hair appear healthy and soft. The amazon forest green woods inspire the fragrance of this mask cream.

It comes in a 150 ml bottle. Apply the renewing mask after Shampooing. Apply the Wella element renew mask to towel-dried hair. Cover your hair with a warm and damp towel for 5-10 minutes, gently massage throughout the hair, not on the scalp, and rinse it well and towel dry. Wella professionals advise the clients to use it once a week for the best results.

It will help in repairing and regenerating the damaged hair caused by keratin degeneration. It makes the hair smooth, damage-free and adds extra shine. Suitable for damaged hair, permed hair, chemically treated hair, and colored hair. Men and women both can use this element mask.

Nourishes the damaged and chemically treated hair
Provides shine and makes the hair smooth.
It helps in gaining back the strong and silky hair.
Works well with permed, damaged, and colored hair
Sulfates and paraben-free
It treats the hair naturally.