Wella Fusion Shampoo Conditioner 1000ml Duo Pumps Included
Wella Fusion Shampoo Conditioner 1000ml Duo Pumps Included

Wella Fusion Shampoo Conditioner 1000ml Duo Pumps Included

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This shampoo and the conditioner are the best for curls. These two products are from the Wella's "Silksteel Fusion" launched range. This combo uses silk amino acids, which help repair the damaged hair and protect it from several breakage and mechanical damages.

This intense fusion shampoo and conditioner set consist of one 1000ml bottle Wella fusion Repair Intense shampoo bottle and one 1000ml bottle Wella fusion repair intense conditioner. And two separate Wella dispenser pumps. The pump set makes the application easier and hassle-free. They are inspired by nature's most robust and one of the best fibers, "spider silk."

It is formulated and designed to work deeply into every strand to make it robust, voluminous, and helps in restoring the strength and moisture of curls and deadlocks. The shampoo targets the damaged hair that lacks nutrients and moisture. And the conditioner helps the hair gain back the shine and luster, making it voluminous and healthy.

This shampoo is a fortifying cleanser that targets damaged hair in need of salvation—formulated Wella's exclusive Silksteel Fusion Technology, which combines Silk Amino Acids & Micronized Lipids, this Intense Fusion repair 1000ml shampoo repairs the damaged hair by penetrating deeply into each hair strand and restoring back the hair strength.

This salon-professional fusion intense repair shampoo and conditioner leave the hair locks cleansed and make them smooth and more resilient. Hair is left looking visibly more healthy, natural, and renewed.

Apply the shampoo to your wet hair and lather, wash it off thoroughly, and then apply conditioner throughout the hair and lather rinse it off entirely. Follow it with a Wella fusion intense repair mask for the best results.


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