Indola Innova Color Leave in Treatment 200ml
Indola Innova Color Leave in Treatment 200ml

Indola Innova Color Leave in Treatment 200ml

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"Colored hair requires extra care to maintain the softness and retain the color for a longer time. Thus, the Indola Innova Colour Leave-In treatment avoids hair damage after dyeing and reduces hair brittleness. Your colored hair will look vibrant and shiny with this treatment. The pixel technology gives virgin-like quality to your hair, and you will notice that ninety percent of hair color is retained even after thirty washes.


Apart from this, it maintains the shine and smooth texture of hair, making your colored hair looking more natural. Split ends and hair breakage are the most common hair problems, and silk cocoon proteins of this leave-in treatment impart strength to your hair and increase hair volume.




  1. Great for enhancing color shine
  2. Solves the breakage and brittleness problem
  3. Infused with silk proteins
  4. It prevents color fading and enhances the natural color of hair
  5. Silk proteins help in detangling and smoothening hair


Directions of use:


  1. Apply on towel-dried hair according to the length, and make sure hair is not wet
  2. Leave it for 5-10 minutes, or 15-20 minutes if you want deep treatment
  3. Rinse off properly so that there is no product left on the hair


This unique hair treatment is very beneficial, and you can apply it as a hair mask. It nourishes your hair deeply and hydrates as well. Indola hair products are one of the best hair care products. Furthermore, professionals highly recommend using it.


The striking feature is the easy to use NFC Technology that makes the product a favorite for professional general hair care. The product is designed to keep in view the maintenance of colored hair, but it also takes good care of your hair health. This leave-in treatment by Indola will give your hair strength as well as shine.



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