Indola Innova Curl Cream 200ml
Indola Innova Curl Cream 200ml

Indola Innova Curl Cream 200ml

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"Hairstyling is done correctly with the use of appropriate hair products. It is essential to maintain hair health while creating the desired street style look. Therefore, the Indola Innova Curl Cream works well when you want to style your hair as curls or give your curly hair a beautiful look. It ensures excellent curl definition and deeply moisturizes the hair for perfect and smooth curls.


It works well for both curly and wavy hair. However, it works well for wavy hair also as this curl cream has a stronghold factor. It has a soft, cream-like texture, which makes it easy to apply and gives you shiny and well hydrating curls that are bouncy at the same time. Indola hair products have always served the customers well, and they provide quality hair products to suit your hair care and styling needs. The secret ingredient is glycerin, which ensures hydration.




  1. Works wonderfully for frizzy hair types
  2. Provides hair with a beautiful shine
  3. It gives the anti-static control
  4. The light formula prevents frizz without overburdening
  5. Ensures great curl definition
  6. Gives a moisturized bouncy look


Directions of use:


  1. Apply on towel-dried hair
  2. Make sure to apply on the full hair length
  3. You can style your hair as desired after application


Smart pixel technology ensures virgin-like hair quality, and this feature of all Indola products has been an inspiration to many salons worldwide. In-built UV filters protect against UV rays to ensure color vibrancy and shine of hair. This curl cream has got impressive ratings and reviews from the users. If you curly or wavy hair, it's the time to flaunt your beautiful locks with this curl cream. It is undoubtedly a great product from Indola and worth the price.


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