Indola Innova Flexible Hair Spray 500ml
Indola Innova Flexible Hair Spray 500ml

Indola Innova Flexible Hair Spray 500ml

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"Hair sprays are an essential part of daily hair care. Those days are gone when people used oil to settle the frizzy hair. Hair sprays are preferred nowadays because they do not give a greasy look to your hair. Indola Innova Finish Flexible hair spray is an excellent choice for your hair. You need not frequently worry about the oiliness or frizziness of your hair.


You can use it daily as it does not have harmful chemicals meant to damage your hair. It gives your hairstyle a perfect finishing. Your hunt for an ideal hair spray will end on this product for sure. Its unique feature is pixel technology, which gives it all the desired properties a hair spray should have.



  1. It helps your hair stay settled for a long
  2. Moisturizes the hair
  3. It gives a smooth and shiny finish
  4. Makes your hair soft
  5. Gives the thin hair a fuller look.
  6. Helps you to manage curly and thick hair easily


Directions of use:

  1. Comb your hair
  2. If you want to curl or straight your hair, do it
  3. Style your hair the way you want
  4. Spray on the styled hair by keeping at least 2 inches of distance
  5. Let the spray dry and settle your hair


This product is a must-add to your hairstyling regime, and professional hairstylists widely use it. Its natural finish makes it a favorite hair spray. It has unique pixel technology, which helps minimize the damage done to your hair due to humidity. This hair spray will help to maximize the shine of your hair. Thus, it gives you a fresh and well-groomed look.





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