Indola Innova Gel Spray 300ml
Indola Innova Gel Spray 300ml

Indola Innova Gel Spray 300ml

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"Hair grooming has become more critical recently because the trend of hair oiling is declining. People rarely oil hair after washing them because no one likes greasy hair. The Indola Innova Gel Spray, which comes in 300 ml packaging, has all the ideal hair spray features. A unique property is that it is gel-based, thus gives a smooth and proper finishing.


As like most of the Indola products, this gel spray also comes with pixel technology and a UV filter. In turn, it helps to protect hair from damage caused by humidity and UV rays and maintains the luster of hair.




  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Long-term effect, it holds the hair for the whole day
  3. Moisturises the hair
  4. Gives the hair a smooth, shiny finish
  5. Perfect for frizzy and curly hair
  6. Ideal for everyday use


Directions for use:


  1. Comb and style your hair well
  2. Use a curler or straightener (optional)
  3. Spray it on your styled hair keeping at least 2 inches of distance
  4. Your hair is set for the whole day


The product is the first choice of professional hairdressers. Furthermore, people using it claim that they do not feel the need for a hairstylist while attending a party when they have got the Indola spray. This gel spray also has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. People are fond of the spray because it is simple to use and fits in the budget. Some even say that this spray helps manage the hair for two days without a second application. It is an ideal product and a must-buy for your hair styling kit.


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