Indola Innova Hydrate BB Cream 200ml
Indola Innova Hydrate BB Cream 200ml

Indola Innova Hydrate BB Cream 200ml

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There were times when only hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner were included in the list of hair care, but modern times demand different hairstyles, which means a variety of hair care and styling products. Indola is taking the lead in designing unique hair care and styling products according to present-day needs. It is a moisturizing cream that helps in improving hair texture.


BB creams are now confined to the skin because our hair also needs extra care and pampering. This specialized Indola Hydrate BB cream reduces moisture loss. It retains the moisture and enhances the color vibrancy. It maintains the hair's health and protects it from other dangers. It retains the natural hair health, and it has UV filters that protect the hair from the rays.




  1. Helps in strengthening the hair surface
  2. Reduces moisture loss
  3. Hydrates the hair from roots
  4. Protects against external influences
  5. Very economical to use
  6. Pleasant smell
  7. Pixel technology maintains virgin-like hair quality
  8. Hair stays in natural condition


Directions of use:


  1. Use a small amount of cream and spread evenly
  2. Make sure to cover the full hair length
  3. Don’t rinse, you can style your hair now

The unique pixel technology helps to achieve virgin-like hair quality. The Indola Hydrate BB Cream has a pleasant smell. Well, hydrated hair looks healthy and bouncy. Salons recommend it as this enhances the grace of styled hair. The product has good impressive reviews, and users found the product worthy. You need to apply a minimal amount, and it lasts long. It is available in 200 ml packing. It is undoubtedly a good investment in your hair care and styling.


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