Indola Innova Moulding Gel 150ml
Indola Innova Moulding Gel 150ml

Indola Innova Moulding Gel 150ml

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Hairstyling differs a lot according to the taste of the person. Some prefer a shiny and bouncy finish, while others prefer a matte and nest look. Thanks to a wide range of Indola products, where different people's hairstyling preferences and hair care needs are considered. Indola Innova Moulding Gel is an effective formula to give you the desired hairstyle on your own in an easy way. Most of the gels make hair brittle and dry and often harden after application that touching hair gives spikes. But this Indola molding gel does not make your hair stiff. It works smoothly and softly.


It is a waterproof, non-sticky, and ultra-strong gel. There are many advantages to this small packing of 150 ml. You do not have to worry on a sweaty day about hairstyle getting messed up as this molding gel is waterproof. It is super-manageable before it dries. It not only gives the hairstyling but also imparts shine.





  1. Long-lasting hold
  2. Brings shine to hair
  3. Waterproof formula
  4. Ideal for daily use
  5. Easily manageable when applied
  6. Non-sticky formula gives a neat finish
  7. Smart pixel technology



The directions of use:


  1. Take a little gel on your fingertips and spread it through dry hair
  2. Spread Indola Innova Moulding Gel through dry hair


Indola products have always been admired and widely used by salons and hairstylists. This molding gel is ideal for daily use, and it can be easily rinsed off with shampoo. The product has got good reviews and ratings from its users. It has been loved by people owing to its easy use and beautiful results.



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