Indola Innova Repair Capsules 30 x1ml
Indola Innova Repair Capsules 30 x1ml

Indola Innova Repair Capsules 30 x1ml

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"Haircare demands have changed a lot due to the craze for hairstyling, chemicals on hair, and environmental problems. Indola Hair Products are always one step ahead to meet the hair care needs, and customers have always admired new products manufactured by this brand. Indola Innova Repair Capsules comes in the packing, containing 30 capsules, each capsule of 1 ml. They are specially developed to deal with the damage caused to the hair due to stress, environmental pollution, and chemical exposure.


They work great for hair in poor condition. These capsules also ensure the restoration of good hair texture and strengthen the hair from roots. The Marula oil formula restores the natural beauty and cures hair breakage and split ends to 95% with these capsules. People using it have also said that their split ends do not exist because of the product.




  1. Works wonderfully for hair in poor condition
  2. Reduces hair breakage by 95%
  3. Gives a vibrant color to the hair and restores its texture


The directions of use:


  1. Apply to washed hair
  2. Let it absorb (no rinsing)


The pixel tech does a great job at retaining the actual hair texture. Amazingly, you can bring back your hair health at home without the need for costly hair treatments. These capsules not only help in repairing the damaged hair but also provides shine and color vibrancy. These capsules are highly recommended by salons and trusted by customers. It has an impressive 4.6-star rating on Amazon. Users found this a miracle product for their hair problems. You can happily add these capsules to your hair care regime, and you will get great results.


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