Indola Innova Repair Shampoo 300ml - Salon Warehouse
Indola Innova Repair Shampoo 300ml - Salon Warehouse

Indola Innova Repair Shampoo 300ml

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"Choosing a suitable shampoo for your hair is not an easy task. Indola Innova Repair Shampoo not only cleanses the hair but also repairs them. We live in a polluted environment, as like our skin, the hair also needs extra care. This shampoo ensures perfect cleaning without making hair rough.


The pixel technology helps in repairing the damage caused to hair due to humidity and UV rays. You will notice a change in hair texture right after the first wash. The product is free from harmful chemicals.




  1. Formulated with almond oil for smooth hair texture
  2. Free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, and artificial colorants
  3. Gently cleanses the hair while nourishing them
  4. Makes hair soft and shiny
  5. Strengthens the roots
  6. Eco-friendly product
  7. Effective from the first application


Directions of use:


  1. Apply the repair shampoo to wet hair
  2. Gently apply on the scalp with fingertips and along the length of hair with your palms
  3. Do this for 3-4 minutes for thorough cleansing of hair
  4. Wash it entirely with the help of water
  5. Make sure there is no shampoo in the hair


Salons highly recommend the Indola Repair Shampoo. As it strengthens the roots, you will notice less hair fall and an increase in hair volume regularly. The product has a 5-star rating. It ensures that customers love the product. Apart from its excellent benefits for hair, the product is also eco-friendly. The packaging of the product is entirely recyclable. Adding Indola Repair Shampoo to your hair care regime would not only give you healthy, nourished hair, but you are also putting your contribution into conserving the environment.


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