Indola Innova Salt Spray 200ml
Indola Innova Salt Spray 200ml

Indola Innova Salt Spray 200ml

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"Hairstyling differs a lot according to the taste of the person. Some prefer a shiny and bouncy finish, while others prefer a matte and nest look. Thanks to a wide range of Indola products, where different people's hairstyling preferences and hair care needs are considered. This is a matte styling spray that enhances the texture of your hair. It has sea salt for precise definition and the formula enhances the texture with a better hold.


This salt spray gives you a matte finish and a pleasant smell. Indola Innova Salt Spray creates a natural look with beautiful warrior waves, and it offers grip and adds texture to any haircut. Smart pixel technology gives virgin-like hair quality. In-built UV filters protect the hair from external influences and fading and enhance the color vibrancy.




  1. Matte finish and natural look with a better grip and texture
  2. Provides grip and adds texture
  3. Suitable for all cuts
  4. Protects against external elements



Directions of use:


  1. Spray onto clean and wet hair from mid-lengths to ends
  2. Scrunch with fingers and dry with a diffuser


Hairstylists and salons have always admired Indola products. Most of the Indola products are vegan and cruelty-free. This salt spray has got terrific reviews, and it is ideal for daily use. Users find this product economical, and it lasts long as a minimal amount is needed for the application. This product would undoubtedly be an excellent addition to your hair care and styling regime.


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