Indola Innova Smooth Serum 200ml
Indola Innova Smooth Serum 200ml

Indola Innova Smooth Serum 200ml

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"There are many products used in hair care, hair styling, and nourishment. But, a serum holds a special place because it meets more than one need of your haircare. So, the Indola Innova Smooth Serum is made keeping in mind all the needs of your beautiful hair. If you are tired of trying several hair serums, here is the ideal serum. It nourishes your hair and is perfect for daily use.


Furthermore, it is formulated using pixel technology, which helps to retain your hair's shine and strength. If you love creating various hairstyles, this serum will enable you to have those street style looks. Girls love experimenting with their looks, and hairstyle is an essential factor in defining your personality. You can do it effortlessly with Indola Smooth Serum.




  1. Ideal for everyday use
  2. Makes the hair soft
  3. Provides shine and smooth texture to hair
  4. Perfect for all hair types
  5. Easily manages unruly, frizzy hair


Directions to use:


  1. Comb your hair
  2. It will be best to apply before making a hairstyle so that your hair would be frizz-free while styling


This product is the first choice for people of almost all age groups. Teens love it because it makes hair styling easy and smooth, adults admire the product because it gives a neat and professional look, and older adults use it because it makes the hair soft and nourished. Not only ordinary people, but Indola smooth serum is also the first choice of hairstylists as it is cost-effective, and the results are excellent. The product is expanding its market worldwide as, and many professionals recommend it.


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