Indola Innova Soft Clay 85ml - Salon Warehouse
Indola Innova Soft Clay 85ml - Salon Warehouse

Indola Innova Soft Clay 85ml

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"Hairstyling differs a lot according to the taste of the person. Some prefer a shiny and bouncy finish, while others prefer a matte and nest look. Thanks to a wide range of Indola products, where different people's hairstyling preferences and hair care needs are considered. This is a lightweight clay for a matte finish. It gives your hair a next and perfect office day look.


Moreover, when you are going for an interview, you want your hair neat and not looking overly done. This textured clay helps to achieve a sophisticated nest hair look.


It gives you the ease of hairstyling by yourself. This clay provides an excellent matte result, but this does not mean your hair is stiff and fixed like that. You are at liberty to remold your hair throughout the day. That is the beauty of Indola products to suit your needs perfectly.




  1. Light clay
  2. Matte finish
  3. Contains a UV filter
  4. Smart pixel technology


The directions of use:


  1. Spread Indola Innova Texture Soft Clay through dry hair
  2. Bring your haircut into the desired model


Indola products are highly recommended by salons and hairstylists owing to their latest technology and a wonderful mix of ingredients. This textured clay is used by hair-stylists worldwide as it is easy to use and hair, once done, can be restyled. Smart pixel technology gives hair virgin-like quality.


In-built UV filters protect the hair from UV rays damage and maintain the natural color and enhance color vibrancy. Reviews of this texture clay are impressive as users find this product ideal for daily use. It does not make hair look caky but gives it a sophisticated look.



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