Indola Innova Volumising Powder 10gr - Salon Warehouse
Indola Innova Volumising Powder 10gr - Salon Warehouse

Indola Innova Volumising Powder 10gr

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Most people are struggling with less hair volume. They rely on various hair products to make their hair look voluminous. Therefore, the Indola Innova volumizing powder solves your problem of less hair volume. It blends perfectly with your hair lengthwise and is an all-day stay. It is made with silicate and polymer to give you the desired bouncy and high-volume hair.


You will have a perfect matte finish for your hair and still retain the natural color and shine. On sunny days, you need not worry about sweat and powder sticking together. You will have all-day-long perfect hair, and it enhances your hair beauty. Voluminous hair makes your personality more impressive.


Keeping all these things in mind, Indola has brought this volumizing powder that provides volume and a clean finish at the same time. The best part about the Indola product is that it is perfect for hairstyling too.




  1. Provides ample volume to hair
  2. Gives a perfect matte finish
  3. Easy to use
  4. Ideal for daily use


Directions of use:


  1. Apply a small amount to towel-dried hair
  2. Put your hair in the desired model


A small amount of it is needed, and you are set for a perfect hairstyle for the whole day. Customers review it as a magic powder that does wonder even when a small amount is applied. Some users say that the effects of this powder last for two days. This product is worth the price and will last long as very little quantity is required to manage and style the hair. Hairdressers widely recommend it, and Indola has again produced a great quality hair product.


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