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Indola Innova Wax 85ml - Salon Warehouse

Indola Innova Wax 85ml

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"Hair wax is widely used for hairstyling. Indola Innova wax is a perfect choice because it helps to style your hair and moisturize and protect it. It is ideal for daily use as it does not damage the hair or leave it rough and dry. The wax gives a real shine. It is difficult to find the wax that imparts shine and hold because most of the hair wax ends up being sticky and stiff. It has a strong hold factor that is 3 out of 4.


Apart from it, the wax is easy to apply. You can easily divide over the hair after its application, and this wax is easily washable, leaving your hair soft and smooth. The unique pixel technology helps to maintain good hair quality and improves the hair texture. Additionally, there are UV filters that protect the hair against harmful UV rays.




  1. Imparts natural shine to hair
  2. Contains a protective UV filter
  3. Easily washable
  4. Impressive hold factor
  5. Leaves hair soft and smooth


Directions of use:


  1. Apply the Indola Innova wax to dry or slightly damp hair and spread it evenly
  2. Style as desired


The wax has a unique property of a good hold factor along with providing shine to hair. Both men and women can use it. It is perfect for daily use and even if you want to go partying. Hair professionals recommend it due to its smooth texture and outstanding results. Indola Hair products are making their essential mark in the Haircare industry. It has got good reviews from customers, and it is cost-effective. The product is high in quality and worth the price.



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