Wella  Invigo Refresh Revitalizing Shampoo 250ml
Wella  Invigo Refresh Revitalizing Shampoo 250ml

Wella Invigo Refresh Revitalizing Shampoo 250ml

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Shampoos are a crucial part of a hair care routine because not only do they clean our hair, but they also help to fight hair problems. There are many shampoos in the market that all serve different purposes. One such shampoo is the Well Balance Invigo Revitalizing Shampoo, which is the ideal cleanser that can take care of your scalp and maintain your hair's vitality.

The Invigo Balance range of Wella focuses a lot on the excellent care of the scalp. It is because the hair can only be healthy if the scalp is well nourished and maintained. It has a balanced blend formula that takes care of the scalp. This formula is full of ingredients that give a calming experience. It takes good care of sensitive scalp and colored hair. Furthermore, it has lotus extract and menthol that also maintain optimum scalp health.


1.Delicate cleanser, which is also fragrance-free

2.Energetic and revitalize the scalp while also strengthening the hair

Directions of use

1.Apply on damp hair and massage for 2 to 3 minutes, after which you can wash it off

Wella is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the hair care industry. It has been around for more than a hundred years, and it is still going strong. These products' quality and innovation are exceptional, and it makes Wella one of the most sought-after brands. Wella has a hair care product for almost every hair problem, and it is the first choice of the many salons all over the world.


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