Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Ph 4.5 Color Freeze Silver Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Ph 4.5 Color Freeze Silver Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Ph 4.5 Color Freeze Silver Shampoo 1000ml

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In the BC Color Freeze Silver Shampoo, pigments revive and maintain the cool tones of hair color, reducing undesirable warm tones. It effectively and gently cleans the hair and scalp while protecting the structure of colored hair. A blue-violet dye is subtly deposited on the hair while cleansing, improving the condition of the hair by adding a cool tone direction.

The BC BONACURE pH 4.5 Color Freeze is our first color-locking hair therapy due to its pH 4.5 Balancer Technology. Unlike conventional hair color care, it seals the hair's surface and freezes the pigment deep within the hair matrix, so the color is maintained to its optimum. A pH value of 4.5 keeps color pigments frozen deep inside the hair structure by tightening the matrix surrounding the cortex. The long-lasting protection provided by Cell Perfector Technology is made possible by sealing the hair surface to protect it against external aggressions such as water and blow-drying.

You can gently cleanse both your scalp and hair when you use the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Silver Micellar Shampoo. In addition, it prevents unwanted yellowish or warm color reflections on white or lightened hair. Special pigment concentrations refresh cool shades and keep them bright. The gentle formula cleans and nourishes colored hair, and therefore is an excellent starting point for an effective care program.

In colored or highlighted hair, Color Freeze seals the hair surface and ensures that color pigments are fixed with lactic acid and calcium hydroxide. This ensures that natural light is reflected evenly. Furthermore, the BC Bonacure Color Freeze products prevent hair color from fading.

Cleanses hair gently and effectively
Strengthens the structure of the hair
Helps to maintain a pH level of 4.5
Neutralizes undesirable warm undertones
Preserves and revitalizes cool tone directions
Enhances white hair and light bases with a cendré effect

How To Use:

Put on wet hair
Gently massage on your scalp
Let it sit for 1-5 minutes
Make sure you rinse thoroughly
If you want a more intense effect, use daily
To maintain tone, use 1-2 times per week


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