Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralsing Wash 1000ml
Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralsing Wash 1000ml

Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralsing Wash 1000ml

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This shampoo neutralizes yellow undertones for a cool blonde finish even on lightened hair. With sulfate-free cleansing, blonde hair is quickly neutralized for a cool blonde appearance. The smoothing action of this wash contributes to a gentle cleanse and neutralization of underlying warm tones.

This highly pigmented wash from Schwarzkopf Professional neutralizes and counteracts the appearance of yellow tones instantly and provides an instant tonal deposit. Thanks to its Bonding Technology, it cleans gently while strengthening hair. The only high pigment concentration shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional is GOODBYE YELLOW. Because it contains no SLS/SLES sulphates, it gently cleans the hair while quickly deploying pigments to neutralize yellow reflections.

Blue pigments and purple dyes neutralize yellow highlights while active washing agents work to clean hair. The pH 4.5 formulation guarantees maximum neutralization. Result: brilliant and shiny blonde hair! Its primary purpose is to maintain shine and prevent colored hair from fading too quickly. Using this yellow-blowing shampoo for tonal maintenance, you will neutralize stubborn yellow undertones and enrich your locks while enhancing their shine. There is no buildup of residues on the scalp, and hair becomes more manageable. With this highly pigmented neutralizing wash, the hair color is retained for a longer period.

Provides a neutralizing effect for yellow undertones
It reduces colour fading
It increases cool tone brightness between salon visits.
The application is quick and easy.
This formula is vegan and cruelty-free.
Depending on the hair condition and how long the hair is processed, the color result and longevity differ
Avoid stains and discoloration on clothing, surfaces, and skin. Wear professional gloves for applications.

How to Apply:

Just like normal shampoo, apply this Goodbye Yellow Shampoo on your hair. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the tonal maintenance, and then rinse well.


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