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Sebastian Eruptek 75ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Eruptek 75ml

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When you have bad hair days, you might explode in frustration, but Sebastian Volcanic Ash Paste will calm you down. The volume, texture, and control you create with this professional styling paste won't be controlled by your temper but by your hair. The heat and energy of a volcano are compounded in a lava-like paste. Eruptek enhances hair volume and creates extreme clouds of texture when it comes in contact with hair.

Explosive looks require a product that bursts with possibilities. A world of new hair styling options opens up when raw materials and technology collide. Upon contact with volcanic ash, it detonates into a tactile, lava-like paste, creating extreme cloud volumes and textures. Your creativity and control are in your hands when you activate Eruptek instantly. Create styles that make a statement.

With Eruptek, you can create any style you desire through the power and control of a paste that activates upon contact with your hair, giving the hair volume and texture it needs. As a result, your hair will flourish in vivid definition, allowing you to create wild and rugged looks that are simple and easy to manage. A combination of volcanic ash and advanced styling technology transforms your hair into a work of art, allowing creativity to flow. In no time at all, your hair will look edgy and stylish with Eruptex paste. With its impressively fast detonation mechanism, it utilizes the natural energy in your hair every time to deliver effective yet swift results.

Increases volume explosively
when contacted to produce rapid results
Made with volcanic ash
provides amazing texture
Use on damp or dry hair
All hair types are suitable for it

You should rub paste between your fingers
Apply to dry hair evenly
Massaging the paste into the hair as it dries.
Add another layer for more volume
After blow-drying, apply the paste to damp hair for even more volume.


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