Sebastian Multi Color Ignite Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse
Sebastian Multi Color Ignite Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Multi Color Ignite Shampoo 1000ml

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The shampoo Color Ignite Multi helps to protect it from hair extérieres, highlights and colored in different shades of color while extending the gloss of the color. Hair fibers have different moisture and restructure needs, which Smart Humidity Color addresses. Sebastian Professional's Color Ignite Multi Shampoo is a color protection shampoo from their FOUNDATION range that nurtures, hydrates, and revitalizes multi-tonal and lightened hair. Color-treated strands are hydrated and restructured with the smart color moisture complex for hair that's strong, smooth, and up to 25% more vibrant.

Use Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Multi Shampoo to clean and protect multi-tonal colored hair. Shampoo with a color-moisture complex that hydrates hair where it is needed to protect color-treated strands. Shampoo Sebastian protects color-treated and lightened hair from damage, preserving the vibrancy of color for longer.

Specifically formulated for those with single-toned hair, Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Mono Shampoo cares for the color of your hair. You can rest assured that after using its gentle formula every day, your hair color will remain gorgeous for a long time.

Sebastian A shampoo that protects your hair's color
Preserves color while mildly cleansing hair
Color-treated strands are targeted with Smart Color Moisture Complex
The product deeply hydrates and restructures the fibers of the hair where they're needed
With brilliant color, it leaves hair healthy-looking, sleek, lustrous, & lustrous
Hair that has been lightened or multi-toned will benefit from this product

Directions To Use:
Use on wet hair.
Lather up with your hands.
Wash thoroughly.


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