System Professional Repair Perfect Ends 40mL - Salon Warehouse
System Professional Repair Perfect Ends 40mL - Salon Warehouse

System Professional Repair Perfect Ends 40mL

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Use System Professional Repair Perfect Ends to target split ends in dry, damaged hair. This non-greasy formula repairs and replenishes damaged hair, making it look smooth, silky, and healthy again. This treatment uses avocado oil, which provides reparative and softening properties for improved hair texture. Deeply penetrates the hair shaft to smooth out rough cuticles, eliminate split ends, and reduce tangles.

The CC cream that works from the tips. An evening, repairing and hydrating cream for hair. Using a balm sealer will provide your hair with a nice shine and nourish your hair. This product protects against heat and external agents and facilitates styling. It can detangle hair and hydrate hair that is difficult to control and provide more hydration. The hair is instantly repaired and feels softer to the touch.

It allows the hair to be protected from further damage with a cream that is easy to use. The cream is designed to correct the hair strands by evening out, repairing and moisturizing them. The sealing balm maintains the suppleness and shine of fragile hair parts. The baking soda and lanolin in the sealing balm keep the hair soft during styling. Unmanageable hair will benefit from Perfect Ends to reduce frizz and add smoothness. The product makes hair soft to the touch and repairs it immediately.


The sealing balm improves the suppleness and shine of the hair's fragile areas.
It protects the hair from external influences, such as heat.
When used on the hair, it instantly repairs the damage.
Restores damaged ends instantly.
It nourishes and moisturizes fragile areas of the hair, providing it with a brilliant shine and suppleness
Provides active anti-heat and anti-styling protection
Enhances smoothness and reduces frizz
Softens the touch of hair
Reducing flyaways


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