System Professional Styling Sculpting Clay 50mL
System Professional Styling Sculpting Clay 50mL

System Professional Styling Sculpting Clay 50mL


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You can sculpt and reshape your style with this Sculpting Clay from System Professional - a texturizing pomade that gives a matte finish and flexible definition. Additional anti-aging care protects your style from premature aging. A hair care product that contains Creative CodeTM for hair that exhibits energy and responsiveness. The clay gives the hair a flexible definition while texturizing it and adding a matte finish. The hair can be shaped and reshaped with a responsive texture. Photo-age protection keeps the hair looking fresh and healthy.

It was discovered in Montmorillon, France, and is considered to be one of the finest clays available. The texture is great to work with and has amazing sculpting and care properties when combined with bentonite clay, whose molecular structure is linked with a polymer. While texturizing the hair, this ultra-pliable pomade gives it a flexible definition. A responsive texture gives it the ability to re-shape the hair. It is formulated with creativeCodeTM for energized hair, responsive hair.

The System Professional DD Sculpting Clay gives hair the flexibility and definition it needs without flaking or building up to make it look stiff. You can create your desired style with minimal effort and long-lasting results with this ultra-fine, pliable pomade. It contains the brand's "Creative CodeTM," making hair more responsive, manageable, and energetic. It has a matte finish.


Hair that needs a modifiable texture
With this ultra-soft ointment, hair will have a matte finish while having a flexible definition.
The light texture of the hair allows for shaping and reshaping, and the material is flexible and soft to the touch.
Protecting your hair from photo-aging ensures healthy hair
Creativity CodeTM tames and revitalizes hair
Achieve a desired natural effect by defining and controlling light. The hair is re-shaped, and there is movement.
This style has a lot of energy and movement, making it perfect for daily wear!
Protects against changes in fiber properties caused by chemical or physical agents.

How To Use:

Texturize your hair by applying a small amount, rubbing it in your palms, and rinsing it. Then, shape and reshape it as you go. Use only on dry hair to achieve the best results.


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