Nioxin Thickening Spray 150ml
Nioxin Thickening Spray 150ml

Nioxin Thickening Spray 150ml

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It gives you more control over styling by giving your hair a little more grip. With this volumizing spray, your look and style appearance are fuller, and your hair appears healthier. Shiny, free-flowing hair is left unweighted for natural movement. This spray thickens and texturizers throughout the day. Be sure to shake this product before use. From roots to ends, apply this solution to damp, clean hair. Be sure to comb through evenly. Using a blow-dryer, style your hair as desired. To add volume, body, and lift to hair for a thicker, fuller style. It is recommended for any client who wants thicker-looking hair.

A volumizing hair spray, Nioxin 3D Styling Pro Thick Thickening Spray (150ml), gives thin hair added texture. It gives styles a fuller, thicker appearance by adding body and lift. ProThick technology in Nioxin's spray provides each hair with a coat of thickening polymers, giving them a fuller look and feel. A denser style is possible with the space created between hair bonds.


It looks fuller, thicker* than it did before (*compared to untreated hair).
This spray increases hair, body and fullness
It volumizes hair and holds it in place.
Designed to give your locks a fuller look.
From roots to ends, this spray boosts the body and adds texture.
Since 1984, Nioxin has been helping women with thinning hair achieve thicker, fuller hair.

Directions To Use:

Be sure to shake the spray bottle well before using it.
Apply to roots and ends.
Use a blow dryer to create volume.


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