Tinting Brush Black (Wide) - Salon Warehouse
Tinting Brush Black (Wide) - Salon Warehouse

Tinting Brush Black (Wide)

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Brush bristles on the Tinting Black feature a medium-soft texture that is not too stiff or too soft. Any type of application or technique involving hair color or lightening can be achieved with this brush.With the brush's tapered bristles, you'll be able to pick up and distribute color with extreme precision. You can highlight baby light, lowlight, balayage, touch up roots, and do all-over coloring with the brush.

You can hold the brush handle comfortably for hours on end. It can be used daily without shedding bristles because it is sturdy and durable. This is a great product for the salon and at home. With this high-quality brush, you can easily create sections in your hair and part the hair when applying hair color. It goes into the hair smoothly and cleanly and is easily rinsable.


A large color brush that can save you 50% of application time! Each pack contains one brush with a width of 3 inches.
Hair tools made from sustainable wheat fiber: These brushes feel luxurious thanks to their natural wheat fibers. During your hair care sessions, hold this tool comfortably.
Professional hair artists can rely on our innovative tools. These beautiful, wide brushes are essentials for creating unique looks for clients!
Easy-to-handle thumb groove makes the Wide Brushes comfortable and ergonomic. Throughout the world, our artwork can be witnessed in the hands of artists.
The wide brushes are easy to clean and reusable for long-term use. They cover a lot of surface area, so they are an economical tool.
This is for more detailed work and root touch-ups. The handle has a pintailing end for sectioning and foiling.