Wella Blonde Recharge Invigo Conditoner 200ml (Warm Blonde)
Wella Blonde Recharge Invigo Conditoner 200ml (Warm Blonde)

Wella Blonde Recharge Invigo Conditoner 200ml (Warm Blonde)

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The efficiency and safety of the hair color are two major concerns revolving hair care and hair styling. But, Wella blonde recharge invigo conditioner (warm blonde) is a unique product from Wella to take care of your colored hair. It targets has a warm blonde tone and it helps to nourish the hair while keeping the color intact for a long time.

Wella's color recharge range does a great job at taking care of colored hair. It is a unique blend of highly effective ingredients that will bring a natural shine to the colored hair. Furthermore, the refreshing feel helps to maintain the color vibrancy for longer periods. The blonde recharge complex truly brings out the refreshed blonde looks, and it also has with color pigments to retain the hair color, and the floral fragrance makes the hair refreshing and healthy-looking.


1. Nourishes and conditions the hair
2. Maintains the vibrancy and retains the color
3. Presence of rich color pigments
4. Has a refreshing feel because of the mellow floral fragrance

The direction of use:

1. Use on clean and damp hair, leave for a couple of minutes and rinse
2. Leave for 2-3 minutes
3. Rinse thoroughly

Wella has been helping its clients for more than ten decades now. They are experts at creating and designing the best hair care products without changing the base needs. Enjoy and experience the best and most luxurious hairstyling with the innovative products from the haircare and styling range of Wella.


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