Wella Color Recharge Invigo Conditoner 200ml (Warm Red)
Wella Color Recharge Invigo Conditoner 200ml (Warm Red)

Wella Color Recharge Invigo Conditoner 200ml (Warm Red)

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The primary concern that people have with the colored hair is the life of the hair color. Apart from that, the color should also not damage the hair. Wella color recharge invigo conditioner (warm red) is a fantastic product from Wella to take care of your colored hair. It targets the hair colored in a warm red tone and helps to nourish and maintains the hair color for a longer time.

The color recharge range of Wella takes best care of those people who have colored hair. This light-weight formula is a unique blend of the most necessary ingredients to impart natural shine to colored hair. The products are specially formulated for the brunette and red tones. The refreshing feel helps to maintain the color vibrancy for longer times, and it prevents the fading away of hair color and allows the color to last for weeks. It also has color pigments to retain the hair color, and the floral fragrance makes the hair refreshing and healthy-looking. The low pH formula of the product will help protect the hair cuticle and keep the hair color.


1. Deeply nourishes the hair and maintains the vibrancy of the color
2. Retains the warm red tone for a long time
3. Has rich color pigments

The direction of use:

1. Use on clean and damp hair, leave it for a couple of minutes and then rinse

Wella has been in serving its clients for the past 12 decades. With this experience, they very well know how to formulate and design products without changing the base requirements. You can now enjoy premium and luxurious hairstyling with the innovative products from the haircare range of Wella. It is a must-buy product as it ideal for maintaining your hair health.


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