Wella Eimi Body Crafter 150ml
Wella Eimi Body Crafter 150ml

Wella Eimi Body Crafter 150ml

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Today, there are products that not only style your hair but also take care of it. Such products are suitable for both hair care and hairstyling. One such product is the Wella Eimi Body Crafter, which makes the hair smooth, flexible, and adds volume to it.

The Nutricurls collection is the best at nourishing wavy and curly hair. These have the goodness of jojoba oil and wheat bran extract that makes the hair smooth and soft. It also has a nourish-in complex that helps the hair stay frizz-free, and it makes it easily manageable. All in all, these products have the potential to make your hair more bouncy and vibrant.

1. Wheat bran extract and jojoba oil for ideal nourishment
2. Nourish-in complex that makes hair easily manageable
3. Makes hair frizz-free and adds volume

Directions of use:

1. Spray on damp hair, especially on the roots

Wella is a massive name in the haircare industry. It is because it is a brand that has been around for more than 12 decades, and it is widely trusted. People prefer using Wella products because there is a Wella product for every hair problem. This product is a must-buy, and you must give it a try to witness its results.


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