Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong 500ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong 500ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong 500ml

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In these modern times, we need to take utmost care of our hair because it is exposed to many harmful chemicals and stress. Many hair care products in the market address different hair problems. Wella Eimi Mystify Me Strong is a hair spray that is best used for hairstyling. It moisturizes the hair to unleash the natural shine.

The Eimi collection of Wella caters to the changing hairstyling needs of a customer. Coarse and frizzy hair is very tough to style. This collection has a unique blend of the best ingredients that help manage frizzy and coarse hair. It also makes the hair smooth and shiny while adding a flawless glossy finish to the hair. These hair products are mainly oriented towards hair styling, and they are best for shoulder-length hairstyles.


1. Moisturizers the hair and adds a glossy finish to it
2. Protects the hair from heat and has long-lasting results

Directions of use

1. Spray a small amount on wet hair lengthwise
2. Style as you wish

Wella is one of the very few brands that have been in the haircare industry for more than a hundred years. It is still going strong, and its quality and innovation are exceptional. It is the first choice of many salons all over the world, and people prefer Wella products because they have a product for almost every hair problem. These points make it one of the most sought-after hair care brands in the industry. This product provides long-lasting results, and it never fails to impress.