Wella Eimi Shape Control 500ml
Wella Eimi Shape Control 500ml

Wella Eimi Shape Control 500ml

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Hairstyling has become the need of contemporary times, and we do not style hair for particular occasions. People going to the office or working from home require hair products for easy hair styling. Wella Eimi superset is a unique hair spray formulated by Wella for hair styling. This heat-activated hair spray helps to retain the hairstyle you have made. It is perfect for daily use as it nourishes the hair along with hair styling.

The eimi range of Wella has been formulated with a particular focus on contemporary hair styling needs. It helps you to unleash your unique hairstyle confidently. The looks created by these products cater to the personality of different persons. They work wonderfully for each hair type and hair volume. They not only help to style your hair but also gives a natural volume to your hair. They make your hair look gorgeous without overweighing the hair texture. It is hard to find a balance of hold, styling, shine, and texture, but Wella products from the eimi range will be perfect on all these criteria. You will love this hair styling range of Wella for its convenience to use and innovation.


1. Heat-activated gel formula
2. Memorizing polymer complex
3. Helps to style hair
4. Holds hair up to 48 hours
5. You can use it daily
6. Perfect finished look
7. Protects from humidity and UV light

Directions of use:

1. Spray from the arm's length
2. Spray evenly on hair

Wella has been in service of customers for nearly one and a quarter of a century. It knows how to formulate and design products instead of changing hair care and styling needs. Experience luxurious hairstyling with the innovative products from the hairstyling range of Wella. It can be used daily and gives a perfect hold for up to 48 hours.


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