Wella Magma by Blondor Post Treatment 500ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella Magma by Blondor Post Treatment 500ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella Magma by Blondor Post Treatment 500ml


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Keep your hair color lasting with Magma by Blondor Post-Treatment Conditioner from Wella Professionals. A pH balance ensures that this product protects pigments and neutralizes oxidation residues. The product also provides intensive shine to colored hair. Apply the Magma Post Treatment to seal in color after using Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo or SP Color Save Shampoo.

Because of its pH-balanced formula, Wella Magma Post-Treatment stabilizes the pigments in the hair. It provides intense shine and brilliant colors and ensures color tone and lastingness. A pH value that is perfectly balanced stabilizes the pigments inside the hair. It will provide the tone and durability of the final color result and intense shine and vivid colors. Furthermore, conventional treatments can reduce the intensity of tones and shorten the duration of their effectiveness. The MAGMA after-treatment is specially developed to neutralize oxidation residues and stabilize the tone after coloring with MAGMA shades. Allow drying for 5 minutes at a minimum. Treatments using other methods can result in reduced tonal intensity and a shorter lasting effect.

It contains a pH value that is optimal for the stability of pigments within the hair
Maintains the tone and the longevity of the color
Enhances hair color and shine
Using a pH value of 7.0, the Blondor by Magma Post Treatment Pure Shine Sealer protects the pigments inside the hair.
It ensures that the color results remain vibrant and lasting.
The results are also shiny and vibrant.
This specially developed after-treatment neutralizes and stabilizes the tone after you've colored with Magma shades.

How To Use:

You should leave it on for no less than five minutes. Treatments that reduce tonal intensity can result in a shorter-lasting ability.


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