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Wella SP Color Save Trio Pack - Salon Warehouse

Wella SP Color Save Trio Pack

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Hair color usage is increasing, and it is being used a lot for fashion during these times. Earlier, only people with grey hair use to dye their hair in order to hide it, but now, they use it even for styling. Wella has always kept up with the quality for a long time, and this Color Save pack has products that will protect colored hair.

This Trio Pack has a shampoo, a conditioner, and a mask. The Color Save Shampoo is best for colored hair, and it maintains it for a long time. It has color-protecting 3D technology, and it is a gentle cleanser. It also prevents the fading and shifting of the color.


1. Color protecting 3D technology with a gentle cleanser that enhances color brilliance
2. Conditions and moisturizes hair
3. Prevents color fading
4. Prevents color shifting
5. Improves hair texture

The directions of use:

1. Apply shampoo to damp hair and lather for some time
2. Rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner
3. Keep it for some minutes and rinse it off
4. Apply the mask and keep it for some minutes
5. Rinse it off

The conditioner is a color-protecting 3D technology that conditions the hair and enhances its vibrancy. The mask is also a nourishing treatment for your hair. It makes your hair silky-smooth and shiny while making sure that the freshness of the color stays for a long time.