Wella SP Hydrate Infusion 6 x 5ml
Wella SP Hydrate Infusion 6 x 5ml

Wella SP Hydrate Infusion 6 x 5ml

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More and more hair products are coming that cater to various hair care needs more specifically. Haircare is not limited to a necessity anymore. This SP hydrate infusion product provides dull hair with the required moisture. It makes the hair soft and makes combing look like a simple task, even for those who had rough hair. This product is a boon for dehydrated and lifeless hair. It is best known to provide deep hydration and is used along with a hair mask.

Hair looks lifeless if they are not well-hydrated. The Hydrate range, as the name suggests, has products that will hydrate your hair and hold moisture. The ingredients help bring back the hydration that the hair lost over time, and it maintains it. It has Glycerin, DL-panthenol, Glucose, and fructose that all play an equally essential role. Glycerin creates a balance in the moisture, DL- panthenol deeply penetrates the hair to prevent dehydration, and Glucose and fructose provide smooth moisture retention.


1. Lightweight formula with long-lasting moisture and forma moist ingredients
2. Unique hydrating complex that maintains hair health and improves hair texture, making it soft

The direction of use:

1. Use a pea-sized amount and mix it with the mask
2. Apply lengthwise
3. Leave it for some minutes and rinse

SP products do the best job at combining science with the tech for providing the best hair care. These products from Wella can give you a premium hair care experience at home. This hydrate infusion has a lightweight formula to retain the hair moisture for a longer time. This infusion is ideal for your dull and dehydrated hair.


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