Wella SP Repair Infusion 6 x 5ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella SP Repair Infusion 6 x 5ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella SP Repair Infusion 6 x 5ml


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There is a lot of variety in hair care products because of the changes in the haircare dimensions and the increase in the usage of it. These days it is not only bound to the essentials. The Wella SP repair infusion nourishes your dull hair and smoothens the hair that makes them easy to comb. This product is a boon for damaged and lifeless hair. It is particularly formulated to provide deep repair and is used along with repair hair masks.

Wella's repair line is ideal for people who have damaged hair. We can know if the hair is damaged or not by checking the roughness and texture of the hair. These products have the RNP formula that repairs the resistance of the hair to damaging elements. Furthermore, it has hydrolyzed keratin proteins that restore the damage zones by penetrating the cortex. All in all, it deeply nourishes the hair and improves the overall hair texture. Additionally, there are silicones that will protect your hair from environmental damage.


1. Nourishes and makes hair soft
2. Repairs the damaged zone with its hydrolyzed keratin proteins
3. Silicones for improving texture
4. Long-lasting results and intense hair nourishment

Directions of use:

1. Use a pea-sized amount with the repair mask and apply lengthwise
2. Let it be in the hair for some minutes, after which you can rinse

Wella products are in the haircare industry for many decades, and their innovation and quality are what keeps it going. These products cleverly have a combination of the life sciences with technology to provide personalized hair care. These products have the potential to offer you luxurious hair care at home. This repair infusion has a lightweight formula to nourish and repair the damaged hair.


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