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Wella SP Reverse Conditioner 185ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella SP Reverse Conditioner 185ml

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Wella SP Reverse Conditioner 185ml

Wella SP Reverse Hair Conditioner has a regenerating formula that helps restore elasticity and smoothness to your hair. It is filled with essential vitamins which help prevent frizz and gives it a shiny finish. This lightweight conditioner is infused with vitamins, biotin, and Panthenol that are great for your hair.

What makes Wella SP Reverse Conditioner the best?

• Wella is a most trusted brand, used by professionals across the globe making it a great product from a great brand. • Wella SP is a lightweight formula and ideal for thin hair. Heavy conditioners can get the hair to stick and reduce the volume. • It is ideal to restore shine and elasticity to your hair. • It has biotin and other vitamins that help boost hair growth and keeps your hair shiny and healthy. • It helps prevent lifeless and dull hair. • With Wella SP Reverse Conditioner you get Salon like hair at fraction of the cost with great nourishment. • Get instant protection against dirt, pollution, and sun. Hair experts advise you to apply conditioner after a shower and before stepping out to avoid your hair from damage. Wella conditioner comes to your rescue and provides complete frizz and damage protection. The vitamin complex in conditioner: • BIOTIN: Strengthens hair and nails. • PANTHENOL: It’s is a Moisturizer and very effective for the hair. • VITAMIN A: Helps in Cell growth and cell differentiation, while it prevents cell oxidation. • VITAMIN E: This is an Antioxidant that reacts to free radicals and Prevents hair damage. • VITAMIN F: It is an essential fatty acid. Helps nourish cells and is important for the healthy appearance of hair. • CAFFEINE: Penetrates well in the skin and has a positive effect on the scalp, which is related to the metabolism of the pulp and stimulating the growth of hair follicles.

Directions Dry your hair after washing and apply to damp hair. Style your hair naturally with a smooth and silky finish.


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