Taking Care of Coloured Hair

Whether you're a serial hair colour changer, lover of balayage or trying a new hue, everyone can benefit from correct hair care.

We asked 5 leading experts for their 5 best tips that will keep your hair looking amazing. 


1. Find a colour safe shampoo that's right for you

Unfortunately, there's no 'one size fit's all', best colour safe shampoo. It's about what works best for you and your hair. Work with your hairdresser to create a colour care plan that works for your style and hair. 

The first step is choosing a colour safe shampoo and conditioner. They are specially formulated to be gentle enough to clean your hair without stripping out the colour,  with some also containing anti-fading and brass-combating benefits.

For people with blonde hair, you'll need a special shampoo and conditioner that's specific to blonde hair, designed to gently cleanse and repair hair while not losing that beautiful colour. If your hair is platinum or a cool blonde, you should look at adding a purple shampoo into your weekly routine.


2. Treat yo'self

Conditioning your hair with care will keep it happy, healthy and nourished. For added care at home, a colour treatment is a great way to add hydration to your hair. If you want to take it a step further, work with your hairdresser to add a colour treatment into your next appointment. 

3. Don't over wash!

It might be tempting to wash your hair a lot, especially in warmer climates, but there is a balance to how much you should or shouldn't wash your hair. Strategically washing with less frequency can help you maintain your hair colour longer, and it's definitely worth working with your hairdresser to create a schedule that will maintain those lovely coloured locks. 


4. Be strategic with styling

Heat styling can cause your colour to fade rapidly, so be strategic with your dates with the curling iron. To keep your hair looking it's best and lasting longer, we'd recommend using a heat protectant when styling.


5. Trust your hairdresser

We've said already in the points above, but work with your hairdresser for the best results. They're your number 1 supporter, so be sure to work beside them throughout your hair adventures for the best results. 




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