RUSK - Professional styling and salon color are at the root of who we are. You could say they’re embedded in our DNA.

      The RUSK® brand was born on the gritty streets of Glasgow, Scotland, by the culture-defining hair-cutting, color and styling master artist, Irvine Rusk. Modernized and perfected over the years in salons across the globe, RUSK® styling and color products retain the anti-establishment attitude of its founder, while performing in a way that professional hair artists have come to rely on as everyday must-haves in their tool kit.

      RUSK® believes that professional, reliable product performance and results, combined with affordability, is a right, not a privilege. From RUSK® Deepshine® color products with beautiful, rich, shiny, pure pigment color, to W8less® hairsprays that add extreme hold without heaviness, to the feel-good, natural Puremix hair care line, RUSK® covers all salon needs.

      Empowering the professional hair artist is at the core of RUSK®, and we aim to provide the confidence in creating the looks that inspire confidence in their clients.