Joico K-PAK Reconstructor - deep-penetrating treatment for damaged hair 1000ml
Joico K-PAK Reconstructor - deep-penetrating treatment for damaged hair 1000ml

Joico K-PAK Reconstructor - deep-penetrating treatment for damaged hair 1000ml

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Joico's K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment is excellent for damaged scalp. It will leave your hair looking shiny, solid, manageable, and stable. The Quadramine Complex content of the K-PAK Reconstructor is higher than that of any other Joico element. This product also creates an instant improvement in the strength, quality, and beauty of your hair. Joico's efficient five-minute remedy is perfect for stressed, injured, and chemically treated hair, replenishing missing or reduced amino acids efficiently.

The cream, which contains a high concentration of Joico's Quadramine Complex, tends to heal damaged hair and avoid more damage, making it more sensitive to styling and looking smooth, polished, and improved. No matter how damaged your hair is, this reconstructing treatment with the Quadramine complex will seep into the deepest part of your hair and help rebuild each strand to make them healthy and strong.

Key Benefits:
1. 64% less breakage.
2. Restores years of apparent damage
3. Hair power is instantly doubled.
4. Boosts radiance
5. Enhances elasticity and manageability

Directions of use:
1. Apply to clean damp hair
2. Leave it on for 4-5 minutes
3. Rinse off and shampoo
4. Apply Conditioner if needed

Joico's K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor is a must-have that strengthens your hair for a less-damaged life with a hair-saving solution that repairs and re-fortifies even deteriorating hair in minutes. Joico's SmartRelease liposome technology swoops in to rebuild, reinforce, and secure hair precisely where it is required, assisting in the restoration of years of visible loss while avoiding breakage. Anything they do is based on Joi. Their salon innovations are engineered to return hair to its most pleasing, shiniest, and healthiest state with each use.

Their delight reaches beyond the commodity to the international salon community, embraced for over 40 years, and will continue to do so for many more. Their oath and commitment is "the joy of healthy hair." Ruined tresses can be saved and returned to their gleaming, healthy-looking glory with only one update. Nothing relates to the natural perfection of healthy hair. Its vibrancy, color, and radiance brighten up a room and lift one's spirits. Joico has a name for this incredible force.