Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Oil Developer 6% - 20Vol 900ml
Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Oil Developer 6% - 20Vol 900ml

Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Oil Developer 6% - 20Vol 900ml

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The SchwarzkopfBlondMe Premium Care Developer is a great companion to the BlondMe bleach and color shades. With its unique formulation, it takes bleaching and coloring to the next level. The conditioner helps keep the hair's natural moisture balance, making it soft and shiny. It is designed to complement hair coloring services and provide quality results. There is a high concentration of Mineral Oil in Blondme Premium Developer. A small number of water results in less dilution of dyestuff, alkalisers, and peroxide in the mixture. This also results in a higher concentration of active ingredients in the hair during the blonding process, ensuring a superior shine and greater effectiveness.

An advanced toning developer. A perfect match for blond me color and lightening products. When mixed with Blond Me color and lightening products, it has moisturizing properties and improves hair care. Schwarzkopf BLONDME developer is used with BLONDME staining products to achieve the best results. Having oil in them keeps the hair hydrated and leaves a spectacular color result. The method of choosing the developer for a particular application depends on the intended lightening and the product.

Colorists must ensure impeccable hair quality and spectacular color results with blonde hair despite its delicate structure. Even in the most demanding situations, blonde hair from BLONDME is superior to other brands. They provide white covering, highlighting, and lighting services for premium bonding. It is the most potent lightener on the market, as it offers an incredible 9 levels of lift.

Use BLONDME color products for maximum performance and care.
BLONDME color and lightening products are perfectly paired with this premium care product.
It has moisturizing properties and improves hair care when used in combination with BLONDME coloring and lightening products.
A premier oil developer
Keeping moisture in check
Maximizes performance and produces lasting results
To be used with other BlondMe colour products

How To Use:
Blend BlondMe Bond Enforcing Powder and developer well
The hair should be parted
A small section of hair at a time should be applied
A space of 1.5 centimeters should be left around the head
After 10 to 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly.


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