Wella Enrich Invigo Shampoo Salon Pack - Salon Warehouse
Wella Enrich Invigo Shampoo Salon Pack - Salon Warehouse

Wella Enrich Invigo Shampoo Salon Pack

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Shampoo 1000ml + 250ml

Conditioner 1000ml + 200ml

Mask 150ml

This hair care kit helps you create the ideal cure for dry hair in just two measures. This Duo kit includes a Wella Enrich Shampoo (1000 ml), a Wella Enrich Conditioner (1000 ml), and an Enrich Mask. This kit maintains an adequate keratin level in the scalp, strengthens the inner hair structure, repairs the damaged cells, and produces natural shine in the hair. The composition of the shampoo preserves the broken cuticles and increases the strength of the hair, and the Conditioner attaches to the oils throughout the hair fibers to keep the hair well hydrated.

Goji berries, considered rich in vitamins, minerals, and peptides, are fortified with the Wella Enrich Conditioner. It thoroughly replenishes and hydrates dried and exhausted hair, making it smooth and revitalized instantly. To take care of dry and injured hair, the Wella Enrich Shampoo is explicitly formulated. It is a perfect cleanser, gentle and smooth, and has additional moisturizing properties on your scalp. For fluffy, sleek, and manageable hair, this kit delivers immediate, deep nourishment, giving your hair a natural volume and bounce.

Key Benefits-
1.Infused with Goji berry
2.Rejuvenates damaged cells
3.Restores natural shine
4.Improves the texture of your hair
5.It contains peptides along with vitamins & minerals
6.Nourishes the deepest parts of hair
7.Keeps your hair hydrated

Directions of use:
1.Apply Wella Enrich Shampoo on wet hair
2.Massage on your scalp for 3-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water
3.Apply Conditioner on your strands and spread it evenly through the length of your hair
4.Run your fingers or a comb through your hair to work in the Conditioner
5.Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse off the Conditioner


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