Wella Invigo Nutri-Enrich Duo Gift Pack - Salon Warehouse
Wella Invigo Nutri-Enrich Duo Gift Pack - Salon Warehouse

Wella Invigo Nutri-Enrich Duo Gift Pack

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People prefer buying toiletries in packs because they save money. It is also why people purchase hair colors in packs. These days, hair care is more than just shampooing and oiling your hair. We deal with a lot of stress and environmental pollution on a daily basis, and thus, like our skin, even our hair needs pampering. The Wella invigo Nutri enriches duo gift pack has two amazing products: a profoundly nourishing shampoo and a deeply nourishing conditioner.

The shampoo is ideal for cleaning dry and dull hair. It has the ideal blend of vitamins, minerals, and peptides to repair and rebuild dry hair. It also has goji berries, oleic acid, and panthenol to hydrate the hair and maintain hair health.


1. Restores hair vitality, cleans and nourishes hair
2. Has goji berry, vitamins, and minerals, that make hair smooth
3. Nutri-enrich complex
4. Has oleic acid and panthenol

Directions of use:

1. Apply shampoo to damp hair and lather for some minutes
2. Rinse
3. Apply conditioner along the lengths of your hair and keep it for some minutes
4. Rinse it off

Wella has been in the haircare industry for a long time, and its quality and versatility help it stand out from its competition. A lot of quality and innovation goes into the development of products. These things make it one of the most loved and sought-after hair care brands in the world.