Wella SP Color Save Conditioner 1000ml
Wella SP Color Save Conditioner 1000ml

Wella SP Color Save Conditioner 1000ml

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Hair conditioners are important to apply after shampooing to prevent dryness and roughness altogether. Many conditioners in the market meet different hair care needs, and one such conditioner is the Wella SP Color Save Conditioner, which takes the best care of colored hair. It maintains the intensity of the color to make it vibrant and nourished.
It not only provides ideal nourishment to colored hair but also protects it against UV damage. The unique blend increases color vibrancy and makes the hair soft and shiny. It offers long-lasting results, and it also prevents the fading of the hair color. It has color pigments that make the color stay till several washes. All in all, it improves the overall hair texture with the presence of olive oil extract and beeswax.


1. Protects against UV light and retains color pigments, enhancing color vibrancy
2. Nourishes the color-treated hair and provides long-lasting results

Directions of use:

1. Apply on damp hair and leave it for some minutes after massaging
2. Rinse it off

Wella is one of the most famous brands in the haircare industry. It has been around for more than twelve decades and is still going strong because of its quality and innovation. These things make it one of the most sought-after brands and the first choice of many salons all over the world. You must try out this product, and its results will not disappoint you.


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