Black Carbon Fibre Comb Set with Bag 9pc - Salon Warehouse
Black Carbon Fibre Comb Set with Bag 9pc - Salon Warehouse

Black Carbon Fibre Comb Set with Bag 9pc

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Detangling damp hair or sterling hair was never this easier. This Black carbon fiber comb set has made professional life easier, functional, and more straightforward. This set comprises eight different types of combs that can be utilized for various purposes. The pack includes tail combs, cutting combs, detangling combs, and more. It comes with a classy and handy bag where you can assemble your combs easily.

All are made with fine quality material, which makes them appropriate for prolonged use. These are the functions of different combs:

This design provides delicate detangling assistance for wet hair, which is fragile and more prone to damage than dry hair.

Your best choice in precision geometric cutting is the comb that's become a gold standard in geometric cutting. It is specially sized for cutting needs of all kinds. A gradual decrease in pitch is designed to achieve even tension on the hair.

Blow-drying with sections of hair; precision styling; tucking in loose hairs in updos. The comb's fine-tooth design makes it ideal for intricate styling. It also has anti-static properties.


A professional salon hair comb set consists of tail combs, cutting combs, and detangling cons with a black bag.
A cutting grip comb has 14 holes.The teeth are perfectly positioned and evenly spaced to grasp even the finest of hair. There are also a few half-length first teeth that make picking up sections easier. Your hair will be able to pass smoothly through the round teeth and won't get cut.
Getting your tresses untangled is easy, thanks to a wide-toothed hair comb. From root to tip, this heat-resistant detangling comb seamlessly glides through wet or dry hair, dispersing styling mousse evenly to prevent any strands from getting lost. Use for dry/wet hair. Great for curly hair.
The salon metal tail comb has a nonslip paddle and metal pins that are attached. Pintail of stainless steel extra-long. Exceptionally light. Slide-proof, comfortable handle. The perfect combination for all hair lengths and types. Teeth with narrow arches keep moisture for a shiny, soft appearance.
These combs come with a black bag to protect them and carry them in style.
It is made from 60% carbon fiber.


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