Black Carbon Fibre Detangling Comb 233mm - Salon Warehouse
Black Carbon Fibre Detangling Comb 233mm - Salon Warehouse

Black Carbon Fibre Detangling Comb 233mm

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Black carbon fiber detangling comb is a round handle comb with teeth placed wide apart. With superior control, this round handle comb provides precise trimming and smooth comb-free comb-ing—Detangles with its wide-spaced teeth and comfortable hand-grip.

It can detangle your hair after you swim, add body to your hair under a blow dryer, smooth your hair, or even work conditioner into your hair while you're in the shower. This comb will become a staple of your styling routine, and you'll love it so much. It can be used for a wide range of purposes.


Plastic hair combs made for everyday use are durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and come in a variety of styles. Suitable for all types of hair.
Round Handle Comb offers superior control while allowing you to trim and comb with precision. Widely spaced teeth detangle for a comfortable hand-grip—humanized design and skidding-free. A smooth, rounded tooth does not cause pain to the scalp when combing and reduces hair fall. Precision can be achieved when styling and grooming hair, thanks to its fine teeth—Compact-sized for easy carrying.
By detangling and styling your mane with this wide-tooth comb, your mane is protected from damage. It boosts blood circulation, reduces dandruff, and relieves headaches. It glides smoothly without harming the scalp. Protects against hair loss caused by breakage.
Suitable for both damage doers and strength seekers. Suppose you have curly or frizzy hair and want to stay smooth and sleek despite humidity. Trying to meet a variety of needs with advanced technology.
Other information: Material: Carbon Fiber Size: 223 mm Net Weight(g):50 Color:Black